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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm Kal. I'm 24. I live in the UK. I love zombies. I work in a video shop. I play videogames. I'm a pagan. I'm a recovering goth. I like music. I like big shoes. I dye my hair. I like toast. I smoke menthol cigarettes. I love dystopian fiction. I await the end of the world. I play roleplaying games. I like watching late night television. I like horror. I like getting scared. I will eat potatoes forever. I am sarcastic. I watch far too many films. I like reading fanfiction. I write original fiction.

I like:
h.p. lovecraft, zombies, horror movies, 28 days later, repo!, rocky horror, octopodes, titanic 2, saw, nightwatch, dog soldiers, fight club, the descent, john dies at the end, house of leaves, sword of truth, harry potter, tess gerritson, stephen king, metal gear solid, world of warcraft, silent hill, ideal, lovely bones, ross noble, psychoville, condemned, final fantasy, pokemon, cruxshadows, iron maiden, metallica, epica, nightwish, alestorm, kamelot, soundtracks, classical, assemblage23, thoushaltnot, bella morte, bauhaus, adam ant, cheesy 80's pop, lady gaga, ebm, symphonic metal, metal

Interests (130):

a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, alternate reality gaming, anime, arg, astrology, autoimmune diseases, battle royale, black eyed kids, black phoenix alchemy lab, blood, body modification, bones, books, candles, caskets, casual self-destruction, celtic, celtic mythology, cemeteries, chaos magic, churches, coffee, creepy stuff, creepypasta, cthulhu, cults, dark art, dark hair, death, decay, demonology, depression, disappearances, dracula, dreams, eyeliner, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, first aid kits, forensics, gaming, ghost stories, ghosts, graveyards, green tea, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, haunted houses, haunted places, hauntings, horror, horror movies, hospitals, house, hp lovecraft, icons, incense, injections, insane asylums, insomnia, invisible illness, knitting, literature, long walks, lupus, magic, meditation, mental illness, metal, military, multiple sclerosis, museums, mysteries, mystery, mythology, norse mythology, not sleeping, occult, paganism, paramedic, paranoia, perfume, peripheral vision, phobias, piercing, piercings, pirates, poe, psychology, purple, radiation, rain, reading, roleplaying, school uniforms, sci-fi, seizures, serial killers, silent hill, sketchbooks, skulls, sleep, stars, stephen king, stripy socks, sunrises, sunsets, sylvia plath, tarot, tarot cards, the cruxshadows, the unexplained, thunderstorms, tombstones, true crime, unexplained phenomena, urban exploration, urban legends, vampires, video games, vintage, world of warcraft, writing, zombie attacks, zombie horror, zombie movies, zombies,
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